Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sir, Please Remove the Desktop Computer from your Carry On Bag

Flew back to Brussels last night. I landed and to what probably was a very circuitous route from the airport to the train station and ended up just catching my train (by 3 minutes). I’m now on the train headed back to Luxembourg. Operation “Move Desktop PC to Luxembourg” has gone flawlessly so far. But I have yet to actually make it home yet. And I also have yet to boot up the PC and confirm that it survived the trip. But all of my concerns about bringing my PC on the airplane as carry on luggage were unfounded. I was able to take it through security (they did ask me to take it out of the bag to run it through the X-ray machine though). You should have seen the looks I got when I opened up my carry on bag and pulled out a full-size desktop PC. I think some were annoyed because they were in a hurry to get through security. And some were impressed that I was able to fit such a large PC into the bag. I actually bought a new carry on bag with dimensions to fit the PC since my old one was not big enough. But it was no wasted money. I needed new luggage anyway. The old luggage is about 15 years old and pretty beat up from travel over the years. I actually caught a good sale at Macy’s and ended up buying a bigger bag as well.

This trip was filled from beginning to end with lots of work and play. Every day I was swamped at work and never had much of a free moment. I haven’t even cleaned out my office to allow someone else the privilege. And every night was taken up by something social or shopping (everything is cheaper in the U.S., so I buy it when I can).

The highlight of this trip work-wise was a presentation I gave at the Department of Housing related to a new project we are hoping to be selected to implement. The presentation went over very, very well and I’m cautiously optimistic that we will get the work. If so, it would be a nice win after a series of losses for our company.

The highlight of this trip socially was getting to see my parents and my nephew Jaidan on Thursday night. He is so cute but he is full of pure energy. I brought my dog Nya with me when I visited. So Jaidan was very interested in meeting, touching and looking at Nya. He didn’t want to go to bed. He and I played a bit and it was nice because it was the first time I felt like he had opened up to me. The other highlight of this trip socially was getting to see all of my friends from Friday night softball. I’m not sure I had realized just how much I miss those guys until I saw them again on Wednesday night. We all met at Rustico. Excellent pizza and an extensive bar menu. But go early and/or make a reservation. There was a 1-hour wait for a table on a Wednesday night. Can’t imagine what that place is like on a Saturday night. I told all of my friends about the surprise party that Anouk threw for me back in Luxembourg. They all thought it was great and I think they can tell just how head over heels I am in love with this woman. Some of htem will meet her next week when we travel back to Washington, DC for the Thanksgiving holiday. I think Anouk is a bit nervous to meet them (not to mention my parents). But she’ll do just fine. I always tell her… “if you just be yourself, I know they will like you.” Until then…


  1. Hi there,

    I am moving to France (from Canada) and have an iMac desktop. I was thinking of bringing it as carry on, but not sure how to make sure it's safe, or if they will allow it. If you don't mind my asking, which airline were you travelling with?

  2. Hello. As far as I know, there are no restrictions to bringing your computer on the plane. As I indicated on my blog, I had an entire medium tower in my suitcase as a carryon and it was no problem (even going through security). However, finding a carryon that will allow your iMac to fit and also pass the size restrictions that all airlines have for carryon luggage. The carryon bag that I bought is marketed as a carryon. But it is slightly larger than the allowed size. I stopped traveling with it because I would get stopped about 1/2 of the time and told I had to check it.

    I would suggest checking with the airline to confirm that it's OK. But I can tell you that the security check will not care. And the airline won't even know if it's in your carryon bag. By the way, I think I was flying United Airlines (to Brussels) but I cannot remember for sure.